Learning How To Cook

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I have always loved to cook, but learning how to cook the foods I once loved to eat has been a challenge. My first challenge was locating where to buy certain ingredients (organic). Next, how to cook with new ingredients. Lastly, discovering how to make certain foods taste awesome. I learned through the process of an elimination diet which foods react negatively with my body. Most foods from a Candida diet and certain foods from a Paleo diet my body can tolerate. Basically, as long as my food is organic and or raw vegetables I am able to eat it. Sounds tasty! After experimenting, looking up recipes, and purchasing cook books I believe I have learned how to cook new and exciting new foods!

Requested Favorites

Green Eggs

When it comes to making breakfast foods my editable creations include muffins, pancakes and eggs. My lady bugs love it when I make green eggs and ham. Small hand full of kale and spinach, 4 eggs and sea salt/pepper.

20130726_182914Solo enjoys green eggs and ham as well!


Making bread is very tricky, but I found a recipe that I like and my girls will eat. One of the recipes we use is Danielle Walkers, Against All Grain cook book. When my girls request sandwiches I don’t have to worry about what is in their bread. I make their sandwich using almond butter and berry preserve.


Fun Recipies

I always try and encourage my girls to cook or help with the cooking process. Most of the time they watch me cook. Lately, my girls like to inform me that they would prefer it if I made something else after it’s already made. Some of the fun and easy foods we enjoy making together include fruit preserves cookies, muffins, fruit roll ups and apples sauce.


I enjoy cooking, it is very soothing. I love to include my children in their food making process. My lady bugs love to try new things especially when they are a part of the learning process. We can’t wait to explore new foods and learn about new recipes.

Do you cook with your kids? How do you do so? Comments are always welcome!



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